About Jonathan Doyle


Life offers us so many possibilities. I’ve always been interested in why some people live amazing lives of contribution and success and why so many struggle with lost ambitions, unfulfilling relationships and the status quo.

These questions have driven me to deliver live seminars to over 300,000 people, complete years of post-graduate study in education and relationship studies and to continue an endless quest for insights, ideas and systems that can help us break through our barriers into a new level of life, service and purpose.

Over the last two decades I’ve had the privilege of traveling the world to work with a wide range of organizations, universities, not-for-profits and individuals at seminars and conference events and I want to share those insights with you each week on this site.

My journey began after working for a few years in the education sector. Shortly after we were married, Karen and I launched out on our own and started dreaming big. All these years later it is amazing and humbling to see how many lives we have had the privilege of sharing in. Just awesome!

As a husband, father, friend, author and entrepreneur I keep finding myself interested in the journey of ‘…what’s possible…” and I want to invite you on that journey with me.

I don’t have all the answers but I am sure interested in the questions! I love being committed to this adventure of growth. I look forward to serving you with the great free content on the site as well as extending my personal invitation to come and join a dynamic group of like-minded people inside the How to Live Well community.

Get in touch if you would like me to speak at your event or conference. I cover a whole range of issues related to motivation, overcoming past trauma and learning to live the life you were created for. So much is possible.

Start dreaming today and make sure you don’t stop.



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