Bridging the Gap

GET IT NOWYou are where you are.
But do you want to stay There?
Are you tired of feeling like you’re stuck in a rut?
What would it take to bridge the gap from where you are to where you could be? What would it take to break through into a whole new level of performance, relationships and contribution?
Every human person has extraordinary potential but so few get anywhere near it. The good news is that you don’t have to join them.People who live passionate, extraordinary and abundant lives just do different things to other people. It’s not rocket science. In this book Jonathan Doyle distills two decades of teaching, speaking and research into eight simple ideas that can change the game plan of your life. No hidden secrets.No empty promises. Just proven strategies for change that actually work.


Jonathan Doyle is a speaker, entrepreneur, author and thought leader. Every year he reaches a large global audience with simple but powerful ideas to get the most out of life. He holds a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management and is currently completing further post-graduate work in human relationships. He is a father to young children and has an obsessive relationship with golf and road cycling…

What are people saying?

While already familiar with some concepts from your weekly podcasts, I was challenged afresh by your personal introductory letter: there is indeed no excuse for “being mediocre”, given our incredible living standards and the seemingly endless possibilities afforded by the developed world.
It’s not hard to see that we ALL have “issues” and pain that we carry; and even when it’s not self-inflicted, we can still choose our response going forward.
Thanks for the powerful reminder that it’s within our power to take responsibility for where we are and what’s in our lives; and thus ultimately our own CHOICE to eschew the trap of blaming our circumstances and settling for being mere “passengers or innocent victims”.
I’ve been really encouraged by your positive approach to obstacles and threshold experiences, and am grateful for your ideas for “reframing” difficulties and experiences of suffering so they can indeed become personally transformative & redemptive. Your very candid chapter on Fear (and thanks for your honesty in sharing your own experience of it!) is replete with powerful messages about failure that I wish I’d heard decades ago. I particularly like your characterisation of failure as “feedback” and how we must never link our identity to an outcome – what an important message for our kids as they enter the cut-throat world of KPIs (especially knowing that there’s much outside our control, in terms of how others may act).
Finally, thanks Jonathan for the important reminders about the importance of hard work & perseverance, and that “success” (or rather “flourishing” – to be our best, most authentic self) is not about ‘self-help’ for self-gratification, but rather for becoming the person we were created to be by fulfilling our purpose of contribution in the service of others.
You’ve done an awesome job of distilling a collection of pithy ideas – infused with learning drawn from your conscientious research of some of the best writers and thinkers out there – into a easily digestible format so readily applicable to 21st century life.
Thanks for your infectious enthusiasm and refreshingly counter-cultural approach. While throwing down the gauntlet to those of us who genuinely wish to “seize the day” and be stretched into the best we can be, your practical tips and illustrative examples provide confidence that – although not an easy journey – it’s not impossible; and thus your readers are encouraged and emboldened as we strive to ‘bridge the gap’.
Dear Jonathan,
I have been following your site and listening to your inspirational words this past twelve months and I have really enjoyed your story.  I have been working upon changing myself and how I perceive different situations as I have taken things personally for a long time and have had many expectations which just have not been met,and the same issues & lesson keeps reoccurring. I have been chipping away at myself and reading many motivational quotes,posters,affirmations, scripture and books over the past years.
I saw your book months ago I wanted it but the good old fear …..kept me away until finally I thought what are you waiting for, just get it!  so I did.
I have enjoyed reading this book and I need to stop and go through each step again and follow up with the action!
Since I have read through your book I have thought about your steps during the day, but the ONE thing has really assisted me, and FOCUS  has made an impact too!
The biggest impact since I have read your book  happened on Monday night around 6.10pm 2nd June,2014.
I had a huge wake up call as I had a car accident and my daughter was with me. It has really frightened me…..Fortunately we were not injured not a scratch, We slid 80 metres and knocked down trees, went through a fence and landed in a paddock.
The biggest message for me was the fact that I literally knocked down a sign and it was a curved sign…. A curve in the road. I need to change the road that I’ve been on!  I know that I’ve been trying, but  I have literally been shown, Rose you need to stop….you need to make change!
I have been given a second chance to live….. This is my truth to you, so yes your book has been an amazing tool for me to read and now I know I can only go forward and not look back only forward. Negative talk or thoughts has not served me in the past and the people who I have let affect me I need to continue to let go…..this is my lesson.
Understanding, it’s up to me to be the change, I cannot change anyone else but myself, I’ve known this but after this accident it’s become very clear.
Take responsibility, and enjoy my life, husband, children, family and friends. I’ve known this but wow, I’ve been given another chance.
I have the best parents in the world who have loved me unconditionally, it’s the journey of life that has made me really need to look and make a change in me!
I really enjoy your videos and listening carefully to your words of wisdom, I get a lot out of them, you have learnt an enormous amount about emotional intelligence and I love it.  The tips you provide are concise and always have a great message. Continue on your journey as you are helping lots of people, keep up the great work. Thank you
Take care,