Everyone I spoke to found your talk inspirational and challenging, and I myself got a huge charge out of it. I’ve already purchased ‘Bridging the Gap’ and intend to try and put your ideas into practice.

Jim Penman

CEO and Founder, Jim's Group

Everyone needs a bridge when confronted by a gap. And let’s face it, every human being on the planet is full of gaps…whether they choose to acknowledge them or not! Jonathan Doyle puts meaning and context to worldly ‘imposters’ like pain, hardship, rejection, disillusionment and fear. Indeed, we find that it’s only through being prepared to face up to these things, understand just who we are and make an authentic stand for what we believe in and want to become, will we truly grow and flourish. It’s all too easy to be a passenger on life’s highway, but the more challenging and thoroughly fulfilling part of the journey is to be a contributor. Jonathan will give you some inspirational ways to get cracking and make a meaningful difference.

Rob Clarke

General Manager, Professional Rugby Australian Rugby Union

I highly recommend Jonathan Doyle. I have been hooked on his content for the past three years. Jonathan’s inspirational words, passionate demeanour, and honest character have been a driving force in my ability to achieve my dreams. The facts are clear. With his help, I have accomplished what I’ve set out to do. I’ve increased my income by 63% while reducing my work hours by 50% through being more effective and focused on my objectives. I have doubled the time I spend with family, friends and the pursuit of other passions. I have completed two career changes that are moved towards my long-term goals – and I am absolutely thrilled about my life’s direction.

I look back today and cannot believe I’ve done all this already. Looking forward, I am both encouraged and scared. Scared because achieving my full potential is a constant struggle – a positive and exciting struggle that I’ve learned comes with failures, adventures, and surprises. I wouldn’t have known this without Jonathan opening me to new ways of thinking and seeing the world.

He has constantly pushed me and challenged me to get the necessary change to happen for me to realise my goals. This has not been easy. It has even been painful. Jonathan has been fully committed to helping me achieve my dreams. In doing so, he’s asked me the hard questions, placed me in difficult situations, and told me the heartbreaking truth. He knows that being an effective life coach, he cannot sidestep these facts. And by doing so, he has made a tremendous difference in my life.

Brice Sokolowski

London UK

What I love about Jonathon is his genuine passion and commitment to help and guide people face and resolve the difficult issues in their lives. His natural and easy to trust approach accompanied with his ability to listen for extended lengths of time enables him to really access your situation before he gives any input. I have experienced this firsthand. As a friend and mentor Jonathan has provided me with guidance at pivotal times of my life and has given me clear and supportive advice that has helped me reflect and make decisions in the right direction. Jonathan is an change-agent. He is highly credible and highly qualified. I have read a number of his books and papers and witnessed his impact across many platforms in our society.I highly recommend Jonathon to anyone who is seeking supportive help to deal with the challenges in their lives.

Francis Owusu

Founder & Director, InSpire Leadership & Kulture Break

I was delighted to receive one-to-one coaching from Jonathan Doyle via SKYPE. The three sessions came at a critical time in my life. He gently helped me to focus on the real issues and my underlying values. It required determination and brutal honesty with myself but Jonathan made this process seem simple and safe. He helped me to stand in a time that would have been much easier to run away and hide from. Thank you, Jonathan, may God bless your work.

Annette Woodnut

New Zealand

I didn’t really know what a Life Coach was, but knew that I needed some help as my life was at a bit of a cross roads. Jonathan Doyle has a gift for allowing me to see possible pathways by reflecting back to me things that I had said and asking me to unpack them a little more. He is like a very encouraging and positive sounding board, but more than that, gives support and guidance to find the most appropriate next step in life. Life Coaching with Jonathan is not counseling, it is a positive approach to the future whilst using the framework of the past. Sometimes the past has been a hindrance as well as a help, but it is with acknowledgement of the past through the experience of Life Coaching that has helped me to move forward. I have found Life Coaching with Jonathan Doyle to be a rewarding, positive experience which has given me peace in my decision making and a new direction in life.

Cathy Eaton

This small, simple book is full of ideas which have empowered me to take the first steps of a change that I have always dreamed for in my life.

I’ve read it cover to cover and I keep coming back to it. This book has become apart of my reference group. If that is even possible.

Thank You Jonathan!

Simon Rossetto

About Jonathan Doyle

Life offers us so many possibilities. I’ve always been interested in why some people live amazing lives of contribution and success and why so many struggle with lost ambitions, unfulfilling relationships and the status quo.


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People who live passionate, extraordinary and abundant lives just do different things to other people. It’s not rocket science. In this book Jonathan Doyle distills two decades of teaching, speaking and research into eight simple ideas that can change the game plan of your life. No hidden secrets. No empty promises. Just proven strategies for change that actually work.