Today is just an all out blast of encouragement and motivation and inspiration. I walked into the studio and thought about the various challenges we all face and decided to let rip. I open with a great quote from a former US President that reminds us that we all need to take action if we want things to change in life. Feelings always follow actions…not the other way around. If you feel stuck in any area of life then just sit back, turn up the volume and let me offer some inspiration to get you moving in the right direction.

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The Relationship Between Feelings, Actions and Outcomes

Well, hey everybody, Jonathan Doyle with you as always for The Daily Podcast . Hope you’ve been enjoying these recent episodes. Really great to be back in the studio, feeling better since the accident except of course for today where, I’ve mentioned this before, you have this occupational therapy where you have these people go to work on the injuries and try and get you more mobile. The great thing about this that just blows my mind is that we pay these people large amounts of money to physically hurt us. It’s like paying someone to mug you. It’s like, “Here’s a bunch of money. Could you please really physically hurt me for my own good?”

I had a big session this morning. Wow, but on the comeback trail, learned so much from this whole thing. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger apparently, according to the philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Well, this didn’t quite kill me, went pretty close, but let’s hope it’s made me stronger. Friends, I want to share with you a quote as I do often these days at the start of The Daily Podcast . This one is from somebody you may have heard of, his name is Barack Hussein Obama, and he said this, “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, You will fill yourself with hope.” I like the basis of this, this idea that action proceeds emotion.

So many times in various podcasts I’ve said that we just wait for the feelings and expect that they’re going to show up, that we have to study or we have to work or we have to go to the gym or we have to put some effort into our relationships, and we’re saying to ourselves, “When I feel that emotion then I will go and actually do it.” I’ve said so many times, if you are waiting for emotions, if you are waiting for feelings to do the things that you need to do, you may well be waiting a very long time.

What I love about this quote is that the best way … He says here, “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.” If you feel stuck right now I just want to give you some encouragement. I am going to give you some encouragement that the best way to get out of being stuck is to try more things. This podcast today is going to be a straight encouragement session. I want you to think about some area of your life right at the moment where things for you seem really difficult, we’ve all got one. If you can honestly say that you have absolutely no area of your life that doesn’t need some kind of shift or change then do me a favor, email me because I am going to help you write a book so you can explain to the rest of us how you actually got to this point in life. We all have some area. Some of us have little areas, little niggling things. There is a health or a fitness thing that we’ve been accepting for too long. We might be carrying too much weight or we’re just not getting healthy and strong and we’ve done nothing about it.

Some of us might have huge things, huge financial burdens. I’ve got a friend I was to talking the other day who’s got some enormous financial stress and it’s just impacting his life. I am like, “Yeah, some people have got these great big challenges.” Some of us have got truly traumatic challenges, things that are really, really difficult, but you know what, we are never truly powerless. You are never out of the fight. Always loved that quote, it’s one of the most basic quotes of the US Navy Seals. They say never out of the fight. As long as you are breathing there is still hope. As I always say, that great quote from the old book of Proverbs, “It is better to be a live dog than a dead lion.” Lions are great, they’re impressive, they’re magnificent, but if they ain’t breathing they’re doing nothing. As long as you are breathing you are still in the game. Think of that area where you are stuck in life at the moment. You are not done. You have not exhausted every possible avenue of change. You have not had read every book, you haven’t talked to every counselor, you haven’t read the necessary blogs. you haven’t checked the YouTube videos. There is always a way.

Humans are the most phenomenal species, we are amazing. Sometimes we’re really down on ourselves. We talk about we’re just wrecking the planet and humans are doing this and all these terrible wars. Sorry, friends. If you know any history, this is the greatest time to be alive. Poverty is at it’s lowest in world history. Disease and malnutrition is actually at its lowest in world history. Life expectancy is at its greatest in world history. Sure, is it perfect? No. Are there still terrible injustices and inequalities in all sorts?

Yes, but let’s give ourselves some credit. We worked out how to put people on the moon. We worked out how to cure things like smallpox that killed millions of people. Someone worked this out. Humans are a phenomenal species and if You are listening to this You are one of us. Now, you might be thinking, “Well this isn’t relevant, Jonathan, I am not brilliant, I am not incredible, I am not going to solve some great global mystery.” Well, first thing is you might. I don’t know what You are doing with your life career-wise but it’s possible that you could make an amazing contribution, but just bring it back to the basics.

If as a species we can find answers to the great challenges of our time and in our own lives we can probably find something similar. Coming back to that quote at the start, the way you do this is by actually taking action. If you sit on the couch, the result that you want is not coming to you. Now, paradox nuance. Let me give you a little disclaimer here. There are times when we need to sit silently and allow some time to pass and have a break. I was talking to an amazing person that is got a big role in my life just yesterday. They were saying to me, “Hey Jonathan, look. You are not back on stage in the US until early next year, you still have got these major injuries. why don’t you take a break?” I am like, “What do you mean?” He goes, “Take a break, a real break.

Enjoy nature, read some books, take it easy. I am like, “What an idea. This is a season for me where my growth, my success, the things that I am working on will come from a little bit of time of disengagement but guess what? That disengagement is paradoxically a kind of action, isn’t it? I am acting, I am choosing to go for walks. I am choosing to listen to great audio books. I am choosing to do time for meditation and silence and stillness, right?

I am always acting, I am always taking action, even if that action means just taking time to sit still. There is the paradox. We’ve always got to be people of action. That action might come from times of reflection, and journaling, and prayer, and stillness but if you want to feel better then act first. If you want to change whatever area of your life needs work, then you must keep going. You must keep reaching out. You must keep making that phone call, book that next appointment, go to that gym, find that psychologist, find that counselor. Get back to church. Whatever it is for you, friends.

You will never out of action because You are never out of the fight. If you can take the two fingers of your right hand and place them on the upturned inside wrist of your left hand, and if you can feel some movement there, that is called a pulse. That pulse means You are still in the game, and that pulse means that tomorrow can be better than today if you just blatantly refuse to quit.

I am getting excited but I am basically trying to say that so many results in life come from an absolute relentless, sometimes crazy, sometimes defying all the evidence, refusal to quit. If you just refuse to quit, if you decide I am going to get through this day and I am going to get through tomorrow, and then I am going to try another thing, I am going to read that next book, and I am going to keep going to this thing and I am going to keep growing, You are going to get there.

That is all I want to do is encourage you, whatever it is for you, wherever You are stuck. You are not done yet. I’ve got to stop because I’ll just keep going. I am getting very excited here because I’ve lived this and I think it’s amazing. As I look, even in the studio I’ll look at the injuries on my body still and it’s amazing how we heal. It’s amazing that with enough time and doing the right things and getting the right help, we heal. When we heal we get stronger and we grow.

A natural trajectory, it seems, at least in our physical bodies, is growth and healing, isn’t it? Let’s just take that same belief and apply it to our psychology, to our spirituality, to our cognition, to our goal setting, that we are people of growth, we are people of healing, we are people on a journey to becoming better. We’re not going backwards because we always say that the best is ahead, it is not behind. You never know how long you got so in the time that you’ve got let’s get better. All right, here’s the housekeeping. Regular listeners go, “We know the housekeeping,” I am going to tell you anyway.

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Make sure you’ve subscribed to this podcast, friends. It’s a great blessing to see it grow and, as always, please share it with a few people. Do you feel encouraged? Wherever you are right now, somebody might be going, “Yeah, I do.” Good, that is the correct answer. All right? That is all we need, we all just need a little bit of encouragement. God bless you, friends, praying for you all. This has been The Daily Podcast . My name is Jonathan Doyle and I am going to have another message for you tomorrow.