You are much more powerful than you think. You have more control than you probably realise.

If you haven’t read Viktor Frankl’s life-changing book, Man’s Search for Meaning then it needs to move to the top of your reading list. I first read it almost 20 years ago and his central thesis stays with me all these years later. What Frankl understood was what he called ‘the last of the human freedoms’. As a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp he realised that they could take absolutely everything from him except for one small thing – his capacity to choose his response.

He understood that regardless of any circumstance or situation we all have one last freedom. We get to choose how we respond.

Sadly, in our modern culture of blame and rights and self-promotion so many people are utterly committed to making someone else responsible for their situation. So many people expect the government to make them happy or their boss or their friends or their kids. I always like to say, “What if no one is coming to the rescue?” “What if you have to put on your grown-up pants and make the best of difficult situations?”

Are you living in blame? Do you make others responsible for any of the difficult or negative elements in your life? Sure, I understand that real injustice exists but most of us are not really facing the kind of hardship people face in the developing world.

What would things be like for you if you truly understood that even if you cannot do much right now to change your circumstance but you can change your response? What if you refused to blame? What if you chose a different response? What if you refused to complain?

No matter what you are facing right now you have that one great freedom – the freedom to choose your response. Maybe it’s time to start using it?