How are you going with the stress in your life? Ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed and simply unable to face all the many roles, challenges and demands that make up even one single day?

A small amount of stress can be a good thing. Extensive research has shown that a certain amount of stress can improve performance by narrowing our focus of attention and helping us to really bring our best to a situation. However, what happens when we move past that tipping point and into negative stress? We all know the symptoms. From headaches to losing our temper to stomach problems, breathing issues and worse. It’s not a pleasant way to live.

Last week, after crossing the planet to give a keynote I found myself a little overwhelmed by all the challenges that I was facing. I have started another Masters degree and was also dealing with complex business issues as well as trying to keep up with family, fitness and all the other things that make up our modern life. I am sure you have often been through something similar.

I took some time out and found myself constantly thinking of the words, “Impose Order On Chaos!” Have you had one of those experience when a certain phrase just gets stuck in your head and goes around and around?

I know that some people can live in chaos and roll with it. I am just not one of those people. As much as people might say, “Hey chill out…it will all work out.’ – I just don’t like to live that way. I realised that there was simply too much chaos in my life and that I needed to do something about it. I started small. As I share in the video I went home that day and tidied all the socks in my drawer. It was a small step but it gave me some momentum. I felt a tiny sense of control and peace. I figured that if one small action was enough to get things moving then maybe more similar actions would continue the process. I kept going.

Over the last week I have simply done more and more small things to impose order on chaos in my life and it has really made a difference. I want to offer you the same insight. If small steps to bring order and chaos into balance can really help us then let’s press on and stop accepting some of the crazy stuff we allow to build up in our lives.

So, where is the chaos in your life right now? What have you slowly allowed to get out of control? What needs to change? How can you take the first steps to move out of the negative stress caused by having too many things build up?

Start small but just make sure you start. It’s not procrastination if it genuinely helps you begin to get some peace and clarity back.