When I was 12 years old I had a dream that I decided I was never going to let go of. In this episode I want to share that story with you as well as how my recent hospital visit taught me so much about the decision to live every day like it’s your last. There is some powerful encouragement for you in this episode so don’t miss it.

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Approach each day like it’s your last

Well hey everybody, Jonathan Doyle with you once again for The Daily Podcast . Hope you’re doing well, wherever you are. Love doing these episodes. Love the feedback. It’s just a cool thing to do, and I hope that you’re going to hear something today that’s going to be a blessing to you, that’s going to be encouragement for you. I want to talk about two quick things. The first thing I want to talk about is dreams. I posted a really beautiful quote yesterday on Instagram, which comes from a famous poet, but basically talked about that you can’t let your dreams die. He said, “If your dreams die, life becomes like a broken winged bird.” I like that image that if our dreams die, then life becomes like a broken winged bird. It just can’t take off. It can’t lift. Dreams are central to what it means to be human.

All of us carry inside us these wishes, desires, ideas about things that are significant to us. But what seems to happen for so many people is that as life goes on, these things disappear and die, or we tell ourselves we have to be responsible or sensible, and we talk ourselves out of these things that were once so important to us. You know, last night I was putting my son Aiden to bed, he’s 10, and he’s adorable, and he’s into robots and all he wants to talk about is building them. He loves his science and tech stuff, so he’s really a very creative kid, and every night we have all this beautiful time together. I read to him. We hang out, and as he falls asleep, he’s always talking about these things, and I said to him last night, I said, “Mate, don’t lose sight of these dreams, mate.” I said, “Just hold on to these things that are so important to you.”

Then I shared with him a story that’s quite special for me, which is when I was 12, I remembered watching a TV show about a very famous motor rally, a race called the Paris Dakar, and you may have heard of it. It’s a very famous race, where you race from Paris all the way to Dakar in Africa, and people do it in rally cars or motorbikes, some even do it in these crazy trucks, but it’s a really incredibly tough, wild race that tests drivers, riders, and vehicles. And I remember as a kid seeing this documentary, and BMW won it that year that I saw it with this new bike they brought out called the GS 1100 Paris Dakar model. And I was really struck by it, and I was just so into it, the adventure, the romance, the idea, that I wrote a letter to BMW as a kid and said, hey, I would love to get a brochure or something about this GS 1100 Paris Dakar model.

So a few weeks later I got this letter. When you’re a kid, it’s very exciting, of course, when you get a letter, and it was this brochure, all these pictures. And I remember that it just really was just such a dream for me to one day maybe do that race or to have a bike like that. Now, interestingly, the day that I did this injury, many of you know I’ve had a major accident and recovering from that. But the day that I did it, I was due to buy a brand new BMW GS 1250, which is their new version of that motorbike. I’ve had a huge, I mean I’ve got a Harley, which I love to ride, but I’ve always had my heart set on one of the BMW endurance bikes. So all I’m saying is that this dream I had as a 12 year old is now about to come true many years later. But the dream didn’t die.

So I just want to ask you, are you keeping some of these dreams alive in your own life? Are you keeping some of these dreams alive? I mean, what dreams have died? What dreams have you just told yourself, oh, I could never do that? And I want to just refresh you. I want to just put that back in your mind, because the other thing I want to talk about in this podcast is related is that when I was in hospital recently, I was really impacted by the amount of suffering that I saw. I was in an orthopedic ward, so this is, it’s orthopedics and plastics, so it’s people with terrible skin injuries, plastics injuries, and then orthopedic, so terrible bone injuries. And I saw some really confronting staff, a lot of older people in great suffering, and it really struck me because I thought, oh my gosh, we take for granted our health. We take for granted mobility. We take for granted, you know, friends, recording this in the studio today, I still can’t pick up a cup. I still can’t use my hands, and it suddenly makes me realize that I spend all my life, you know, I’m now looking at my kids and I’m looking at Karen, and I see them picking things up and opening things and I can’t open the hallway door in my house.

So what I saw in that hospital and what I’m experiencing now reminds me that this idea that we should be living life to the full, that you’ve got to live every day as if it’s your last, I always thought that was like a platitude, a throwaway line, like yeah, live every day like as if it’s your last. You know, you put it on t-shirts, right? But I’m really starting to believe it’s true, that when you see what life can end up like, you’ve got to start living in some major gratitude for every single day. And I start sending people, say yes more. Say yes more often, do more. You know, I’m not talking about drivenness here. I’m not talking about being insecure and trying to fill your life with experiences just for the sake of it. I’m saying you’ve just got to live while you can and you can’t let these dreams die and you can’t let these goals disappear.

So I’m just saying yes more and more. Even in this situation I’m in at the moment, I try to fill my day with good things, interesting stuff. I’m going to catch up with all my brothers today for lunch. I’m taking one of my kids out tonight for a special dinner, just the two of us. So these sorts of things that are just so central to me, they bring me so much joy, I’m doing more and more of them. So friends, dreams, don’t let them go. Live every day. Seriously, today, say yes more. Make that call, go for that walk, hang out with that person, buy that artwork, whatever it is, there’s going to come a day when you can’t do it, so live fully while you can. I just think that one of the cool things about life is that we should end up at the end of it spent. We should end up at the end of whatever time we have going, you know what? I didn’t waste much time. All right? I’m getting big on this. I’m trying to cut down wastage and minimization, time-wasting in my life, trying to minimize that. Really trying to drill down to doing the things and the experiences that give life its richness and build relationships and connect with people. Really important stuff, all right?

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