In today’s episode I want to share with you how the massive rise in distraction and complexity in our lives can steal the richness from our lives and relationships. It takes more discipline and commitment than ever to resist endless distraction and also to be truly present to the people we care about the most. If you want a richer, fuller experience of life and love then listen in and join me on the journey.

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Removing distractions and showing up for people when it counts

Well, hey everybody, Jonathan Doyle with you as always for The Daily Podcast . Hope you’re doing well, wherever you are in the world. I’m doing better. If you’ve been following my recent journey of… since the accident, since the hospital visits, I’m slowly getting back together. Frustrated. My poor wife Karen is just like, “What are you doing?” She’s just constantly trying to stop me from, well, pretty much doing anything. But sometimes I create a diversion and escape.

But it’s good to be… You know, things you take for granted, right? Like you just… Gosh, the experiences of just being out of the house, just actually we went out for dinner last night as a family and it was just great to see other humans. But I want to thank everybody that’s been so supportive. Gosh… Did I say gosh? Do people still say that? I just did. The support and love as so many people has been incredible, so I’m very touched by it. Sometimes we have to go through these difficult experiences to realize just how many good people there are around and how much love and support there is.

So listen, today, I want to just continue a little bit on this theme of the gift of life and the gift of time and being deliberate about it. So my mantra, my focus, is that we are in such a time of distraction. It can’t be a coincidence that mindfulness has become so important and mindfulness has become this vast thing. I mean, I don’t know how people keep writing books about it because it’s pretty straight forward as far as I can tell. It’s just a deliberate disciplined decision to be present to what is, to what’s actually happening. I used to say that… Had this little sort of metaphor, little phrase that who’s the most important person in the world? Well, it’s the person right in front of you, which means that we need to have some deliberateness about our relationships.

I want to talk to you about that. I caught up with a friend recently who I really care about and we had a long conversation, but I constantly found myself kind of drifting away in my thoughts, you know? And yeah, sure. I’ve got a fair bit of pain happening still with the injuries, but so I’m not too hard on myself, but I kept catching myself doing it and it brought to my attention just how sort of constantly we can do that and how kind of rare it is to really show up and be present and to listen to people and to be truly in the moment.

I don’t know about you, but we spend so much of our life kind of somewhere else, right, so much of our life either worrying about the past or worrying about the future. So much anxiety, right? People get often depression because of what’s happened in the past or anxiety about what could happen in the future. And I don’t mean that critically, I just mean that I get it. As a species we’ve evolved to monitor threats in our environment and we have these really complex environments. So related to this need for presence, which I’ll talk about it more in just a moment, is to be vigilant about the level of distraction. It took the accident and seeing so much suffering in the hospital to make me realize that every single day is this radical gift and what we need to be doing is not wasting time.

See, a lot of time when people talk like that, there’s an anxiety behind it. It’s like we have to do more, we have to do more, we have to experience more. We have to base jump off more cliffs. We have to have more amazing selfies under the Eiffel tower. I don’t mean that. That’s drivenness, that’s drivenness. That’s like Instagram fame, right? It’s like I’m going to build a life that everyone sees me doing this stuff and that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a decision to honor the day, to honor the moment, to honor the hour because it’s an incredible gift. I mean, in your life, if someone’s ever given you a beautiful gift, you didn’t just throw it on the ground and say, “Oh yeah, whatever.” Really significant gifts, we value, they’re precious, we treasure them, we use them in an appropriate way.

And yet every single day we’re given this phenomenal gift of life, of existence of another 24 hours. But we fill it with Netflix, and we fill up with cat videos, and we fill it with just staring at people on the internet. I get the irony of that because I do a lot of social media, but I drive that social media to be a source of encouragement for people and a source of motivation, inspiration to get people doing more and contributing more. So look, two thoughts to leave you with. One is when you find yourself in conversations today, just monitor your thinking. Just monitor how present you really are. Monitor whether you’re really and just bring yourself back. Bring yourself back into the moment. Honor the person, honor the person. And if you do that, that’s an incredible skill that often just brings a lot of rewards in time. And in the business world, the ability to really listen and to be present can be very powerful.

And the other part of this, I want to keep… Going to keep pushing you to monitor your distractions, to monitor the amount of stuff you’re allowing to hijack and steal your day. Okay? So I’m going to be vigilant with that myself. I want to stay on top of this. It’s really important stuff because we’ve all got these incredible gifts to give the world. And if we’re constantly distracted and constantly not showing up for our own life, then that stuff just gets wasted. So I just want to encourage you that we are here, my friend. We are here to live beautifully, to live in ways that bless and encourage and help other people. And you’re here because you’ve been created with a unique skillset, a unique purpose. And the risk of all this distraction and lack of presence is that we never get to see it. And that we go to our graves with this amazing thing still inside us. So that is why the stuff’s so important that we are deliberate and conscious about our gifts and our purpose and being present to the people we relate to and minimizing the things that take us away from that presence.

God bless you everybody. I’m really passionate about it. So listen, come and find me in a non-distracting way. Instagram, jonathandoyle47. So do that for me. Come and find me there, Instagram, jonathandoyle47 Facebook, The Daily Podcast with Jonathan Doyle. Please make sure you’ve subscribed and share the podcast with people. And listen, if there’s something you’re stuck on, send me an email today. Get your phone now. Send me an email, Dot C-O. Send me an email and I’ll do an episode just for you if I can keep it anonymous, but the best episodes where I’m solving people’s real problems. So do that for me.

All right. Remember, what do we say? The best is ahead. It is not behind. Good things can happen. Life can get better, more beauty, more friendships, more experiences, more blessing, more just good stuff. Bring that into the world. All right, so whatever you’re doing today, get amongst it, praying for you, hoping it’s going to be a great day, night, evening, wherever you are in the world. My name is Jonathan Doyle. This has been The Daily Podcast , and I’m going to have another message for you tomorrow.