In today’s episode I share with you a great story about a 15 year old boy chased his dream despite extraordinary setbacks. You don’t have to have the same particular ambition but his story reminds us all that when we are clear about what matters and prepared to do the hard work of honing our skills over time then anything can be possible. No matter what you are hoping to achieve in your life, today’s episode will help give you some encouragement and hope.

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Persistence and Motivation In The English Premier League

Well, hey everybody, Jonathan Doyle with you as always for The Daily Podcast. Welcome aboard. Hope you’re doing well wherever you are in the world. I have got a little bit of encouragement for you today. I came across something a few days ago that I just thought was a great story, and I wanted to share it with you. Sometimes just hearing about somebody else’s success can be a real boost in the arm for us. I tell you a great story. There’s a guy called Craig Johnston and he’s a bit of a legend in the soccer world for a particular reason. He decided he lived in Australia, young Australian kid and decided that what he wanted was to break into the English Premier League. Now this is back in like the 1970s, 1980s. You got to understand Australia was not a big soccer nation. England was a long way away back then and this kid, he’s 15 years of age. This was his goal. This was what he wanted to accomplish.

So he wrote to every English Premier League Club, desperate to just get a start, get a trial. Most of them didn’t even bother applying. The ones that did said no, except for one club that offered him this opportunity to trial. So his parents, believe it or not, have to mortgage their house, take a second mortgage just to pay for airfares, just to pay for a combination and stuff over there. So this is a huge deal. He gets there. He got this first trial game with Middlesborough, and they’re losing three nil at half time. This is all true. Coach comes in and absolutely loses it and he’s screaming at everybody and he sees Johnston. He doesn’t even recognize. And he goes, “You.” He goes, “Who are you?” And Johnston says, “I’m Craig Johnson from Australia.” And he goes, so the coach says in very, very colorful language, fill in the blanks. The coach screams at him, “And that’s exactly where you should go back to,” except the language was far more descriptive.

So this kid has traveled across the planet, his parents have mortgage, their house. It’s his one big shot and it’s a disaster. So he goes back at the end of this game to his little flat where he was staying, and he rings his parents. And his mom answered and she’s like, “How did you go?” And right at that moment he stops and he says, “Mom, the coach said I was the greatest player he has ever seen.” And then he said, and I read this in the article, he said, and then I hung up quickly before I burst into tears. So here is this moment of just what a soul crushing defeat. Like to have your family mortgage their house, to be on the other side of the planet, to be dealing with all this stuff. And then you’re just suddenly, you’re just sobbing because everything’s failed. But you’ve told your mother a very different story to what actually happened. You’ve told her this story that is the way you want things to be.

Now this isn’t advocating lying. This is just sometimes you have to tell yourself the truth despite the facts that are in front of you. Now, I’m not talking about delusion here. It’s not like me saying, I’m going to play in the NBA. I’m 5’8″, it’s not going to happen, right? So I’m not saying delusional, I’m saying sometimes we’ve got to just speak stuff into existence before it happens. So now here’s the great part of this story. He manages to stick it out. They won’t even let him train with the team. So he just practices on his own in the car park, and the coach would pop the training and see him practicing in the car park. And finally the coach caves in and says, “All right, you can have another trial.” Long story short, he ends up playing 272 games in the English Premier League. He scored 40 goals for the Liverpool. He was in an FFA Cup final. He won a European Champions Cup. Just this amazing story of somebody who started from this rock bottom position and ended up in this extraordinary place.

So you are probably not hoping to make it into the British Premier League. You’re probably not hoping to maybe be an Olympic athlete. But all of us listening to this right now are going to have some area of life where things are not the way we want them to be. So here’s a couple of things from Craig story. One is you’ve got to speak it into existence. You’ve got to start to think and speak and believe that these things are possible. And friends, the older I get, the more I want to promise you that this is very hard to do because if it wasn’t hard to do, everybody would just be positive and say this stuff and things would change. But that is not what happens for most people. So you’ve got to be tougher, you’ve got to be more committed, you’ve got to be passionate, you’ve got to be able to suffer through difficult times and press on. And just keep doing the work even when it feels like nothing’s working. So this story is so powerful because it comes from this rock bottom place of failure and setback, but then presses on to success.

So I just want to speak that over your life today. I just want to say that whatever is important for you. Relationships, work, finance, health, spiritual, whatever you’re feeling blocked at the moment. Wherever you’re feeling you can’t get a breakthrough. Take some courage from Craig’s story. Take some encouragement from Craig’s story. Speak the truth that you want to see happen. Don’t dwell in all the uncertainty and all the unhappiness that surrounds you when things are difficult. Keep that focus, my friend, on the way you want things to be. That’s all I want to say to you today. If he can do it, you can do it. It doesn’t mean you’re going to do it in the Premier League. It means you’re going to have victory in whatever area of life you want to have victory in if you’ll just do the work. He spent all that time in the car park. What is your car park? What is your car park? What is the place where you have to go and do the work? What is the place where you have to keep pushing? What is the place where you have to keep doing the hidden stuff that’s going to get you where you want you to be, where we all want you to be?

I’m getting excited today. Friends, this has been The Daily Podcast. I want you to come follow me. Instagram, jonathandoyle47. you can find me on Facebook, The Daily Podcast with Jonathan Doyle. Everything else is on the website. Hope you’re doing well. If you’ve got a specific question, message me, email me, Please make sure you’ve subscribed. Please share this episode with other people. And I’m just praying encouragement over you. I’m just praying that you’ll get some breakthrough and that you’ll have the courage to keep going when things are difficult. This has been The Daily Podcast. My name is Jonathan Doyle, and I have another message for you tomorrow.