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The reason most people don’t have the life they want

Today is all about the few basic things you need to change the outcomes you are currently experiencing. Why do some people have amazing lives but many settle for unhappiness and mediocrity? How can you use the key pillars of personal motivation to move your life to...

Why Comfort Is No Good For You

In today's message I talk about the truth that we will always seek to avoid the things in life that are hard to do. It's a basic aspect of human nature. However, the path to success and personal development means that you have to push back against this natural...

Listener Question – Following Your Dreams or Not?

In today's episode I respond to a listener question about whether we should stay with safety in life or whether we should follow our dreams. It is a challenging question for all of us but i offer some ideas that can help.

This Law of the Universe can really help you

In today's message I share a great experience I had in the lead-in to Christmas. Taking the time to out light and energy and love into your environment will almost always mean that this is exactly what you get back. Understanding this simple idea can make all the...

Don’t let this happen to you

Today's messages is all about the fact that we need constant new inputs to keep moving us forward. Success in life has many components but one of the most important is to constantly add new inputs, ideas and experiences to keep us growing. If you want to keep...

One of the keys to a great life is….

In today's message I talk about the importance of being 'useful' Our modern culture has a relentless focus on self-gratification and self-absorption. We need to ask ourselves some of the bigger questions about life from time to time to make sure we stay on the right...

The One Thing The People Around You Need

In today's episode I share the power of simple words and actions that show the people in your life that they are appreciated. It is so easy to overlook this very basic human need. Take the time today to reflect on this crucial skill.

Letting Go Of Control

In today's messages I talk about the issue of control in our lives. We all have times when we try and control things and learning to let go is an important part of living a full and healthy life.

How To Change The World And Be Happier

In today's message I share a powerful insight from the 14th Century mystic Catherine of Siena. She reminds us all that the problems in the world may seem large and systemic but they begin with the actions of individual human hearts. With small daily actions we can...