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Motivational, high-energy, and totally unforgettable keynotes and seminars to transform lives and inspire positive change. With 25 years experience empowering audiences around the world, I want to help your organisation and people unleash their unique potential, strengthen their wellbeing and resilience, and
embrace their vocation and mission. Join me on a transformative journey
that will be the catalyst for change you’ve been looking for.

Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Podcast Host & Executive Coach

Recognised Author and Expert in Peak Performance, Education & Relationships

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Leading Provider of Values-Based Wellbeing & Relationships Resources

Inspiring Change With Motivational Keynotes, Workshops & Seminars for…

Improve wellbeing, grow future leaders, and equip your students with essential
life skills.

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Avoid burnout, reignite passion, and align your teacher with their vocation, mission and goals.

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Motivate your teams, improve culture, and achieve your revenue goals.

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Bridge the divide between capability gaps and your future state.

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Moving Audiences and Changing Lives Around the Globe Including:

Hear From These Impacted Businesses & Individuals:

“Jonathan spoke to our administrators and staff members and his authentic, humorous, and engaging style was entertaining, informative, and inspiring!

Our folks are still remarking that this was probably the BEST presentation they’d heard in years of coming to our seminars! Jonathan is also personable and present. When you’re conversing with him on a one-to-one basis, Jonathan makes you feel that you are just as important as the hundreds and…”

Dr. John Quarry

Texas USA

Hi, I’m

Jonathan Doyle…

International speaker, author, and executive coach

I’m on a mission to liberate the potential of the incredible people that make up your organisation, school, or business.

It’s impossible to ignore: burnout, mental health struggles, low-performance, and student behavioural challenges are on the rise. And as a result, the wellbeing of your students, staff, and leaders is at risk. Chances are, you want to see your people flourishing, achieving their potential, and growing in alignment with your mission and values.

But as a leader in your space, you know that disrupting the patterns and behaviours to create lasting change is no small feat.

That’s where I come in: helping to inspire, educate and empower individuals to improve wellbeing, strengthen their resilience, and unlock their potential.

Fusing High-Energy Motivational Coaching &

Proven Personal Development Methods to Create Lasting Change

I’ve spent much of the last three decades encouraging and empowering students, teachers, organisational leaders and governments through in-person keynotes, online seminars, workshops, resources and more.

I’ve also authored 3 books, hosted 4 podcasts with a global audience of tens of thousands, and spoken on stages to over 500,000 people.

I’m innately passionate about helping people change and grow, with expertise in topics such as personal development, human peak performance, motivational coaching, goal setting, and high-level leadership theory and management. My life’s work is to encourage people in their vocation, mission and purpose.

Whether you’re looking to build the wellbeing and resilience of your students, improve the personal effectiveness and capacity of your teachers, or build your staff’s morale and deepen their understanding of their role and purpose – I can help.

Unique, Unforgettable and Highly-Captivating Talks That Animate Any Room

Whether I’m speaking to a room full of students, a boardroom of leaders, or on a convention stage to 10,000+ delegates, I know that sharing quality information is only one side of the coin.

It’s how you deliver that content that really makes the difference! No one deserves to be put to sleep thanks to an out-of-touch, boring, and irrelevant seminar.

The good news is: I do things differently when I step out on your stage. I’ll meet your audience where they’re at, infusing relatable stories and practical advice that will inspire and motivate the entire room. Your attendees will leave captivated, confident and excited about their next steps towards positive change!

Jonathan has the unique gift of connecting with and inspiring all those he meets. 

He makes the complex, simple, and is able to engage a crowd of 1000s, or lead one individual to their highest potential. I have been stunned by his impact. His message of hope is greatly needed in our business communities and world.”

Gail Dorn – President
CSCOE – Minneapolis USA

empowering students, teachers, organisational leaders and governments

1 Motivational Talks for Students

Inspire Growth, Improve Wellbeing, and Build Resilience in Your Students

There’s no question: the world is a challenging place for young people these days. You want to see the students in your school doing well and flourishing in their lives and relationships, but there are so many factors making that harder than ever – family breakdown, media addiction, friendship problems, self-harm, eating disorders, bullying, and the list goes on. When student wellbeing is poor in your school, the flow on effect can impact their grades, behaviour, and overall ability to thrive.

Through engaging, entertaining and high-energy programs, seminars and talks tailored to the needs of your students right now, I can help provide your students with a new sense of hope, and set them up for a brighter future. With 30-years experience working closely with young people, you can expect a truly memorable day with your students that can become a catalyst for change, and improve the wellbeing of your entire school community.

Ways I can support your students:

“If you are looking for a dynamic professional development seminar that helps your staff connect more deeply with their mission to our young Catholic people then look no further.

Jonathan Doyle has a wealth of experience in motivating and inspiring Catholic teachers to become all that their vocation calls them to.”

Archbishop Peter Comensoli

2 Inspiring Seminars for Teachers

Help Your Teachers Beat Burnout, Become Saints and Change the World

Your teachers care deeply about helping their students learn and thrive. But now more than ever, they’re finding themselves dealing with more and more complexity, pressure, and expectations – all while their energy levels and time are basically fixed. As a result, so many educators are struggling with burnout, exhaustion and resentment, and some are even giving up their careers. This issue is heartbreaking – but the good news is, it’s one that can be tackled.

By helping your staff to build their personal capacity, I’ve helped thousands of teachers around the globe to reconnect with a deeper sense of vocation, mission, and purpose. Each seminar is an opportunity for your school’s education team to look deeply at why they do what they do, and how they can improve and grow in areas such as mission, personal excellence, self-care, resilience, reaching their potential and much more. As a result, your staff are stronger, more energised, and able to better serve the young people in their care.

Ways I can support your educators:

Breaking Records With Over 13,000 Copies Sold!

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey with renowned author Jonathan Doyle, whose incredible literary collection has touched the lives of readers worldwide. Delve into the profound wisdom and empowering insights found within each of his three remarkable books.

We’re thrilled to announce that Jonathan Doyle’s book Tools and Fuels sold over 13,000 in the first year. This powerful book has changed the face of education and how being a teacher is more than just a job, it is a calling.

3 Motivational Workshops for Businesses

Improve Staff Motivation and Wellbeing, and Driver Organisational Growth

As your company evolves, it’s important your staff are on-board, inspired in their roles, and motivated to help drive positive change. However, in the day-to-day rush of responsibilities and operations, many organisations find themselves struggling to drive these outcomes across their entire teams. The truth is, when your individual staff are performing their best, that’s when your business can perform it’s best too – and that’s where I come in.

With three decades of experience providing motivational seminars to 500,000+ people around the globe, I can give your staff the tools and tactics they need to drive lasting organisational growth. My unique approach fuses high-energy personal development modalities with high-end academic and post-graduate knowledge. This means, your staff will not only remain animated and engaged, but they’ll leave with a fresh perspective on overcoming challenges, leading with confidence, and achieving their goals.

Custom-Built Workshops & Seminars on Topics Such as:

4 Workshops for Governments

Build a Team Aligned With Your Department's Goals for the Future

In order to achieve your goals for the future, it’s important your people are on-board and motivated towards change. Without the right tactics, motivations and belief-systems within your teams, bridging the gap between where you’re at right now and your goals can feel overwhelming.

With decades of experience and expertise in topics such as personal development, human peak performance, and high-level leadership theory and management, I can help your department tackle the challenges holding you back. Through engaging seminars and workshops, I can help inspire positive change-management, and bridge the divide between your existing capability gaps and your ideal future state.

Custom-Built Workshops & Seminars on Topics Such as:

More About Jonathan Doyle

International Education Speaker, Author, Businessman & Executive Coach

Undergraduate degree in Education, Masters in Educational Leadership and Management

Author of 4 books on Education, Human Relationships and Peak Performance

Founder of multiple influential education and media businesses for organisations and individuals.

Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Podcast Host & Executive Coach

Post-graduate Qualification in Philosophical Anthropology

Humbly speaking, I’ve been described as the leading authority in topics related to Christian education, charism and identity, leadership, teacher wellbeing and resilience, peak performance and more. I’ve spoken around the world to more than 500,000+ people, keynoting events with more than 10,000+ delegates in the US, Australasia and Europe.

I’m also the founder of influential education and media businesses – Choicez Media and One Catholic Teacher – that deliver training content to thousands of individuals around the world on a weekly basis. This includes my renowned, online Teacher Formation Program which has been used by hundreds of Christian schools every year.

I can’t wait to partner with your organisation to uncover the untapped potential within your people, and inspire the change you’ve been seeking.

Get Your Own Copy of My Most Popular Books:

How Catholic teachers can become Saints, beat burnout, and save the world

In Tools and Fuels, Jonathan offers a compelling vision of what Catholic schools can be in the 21st century and practical and inspiring strategies about the way each Catholic teacher can play their part in living their vocation, reaching young people and saving the world.

8 Ideas to Change Your Life

Bridging The Gap is the book for people who are just not satisfied with the way things are. Every human person has so much potential but why do so few really live it out? This book is about Bridging The Gap between where you are and where you could be based upon your unique human potential. So much is possible with some simple but powerful ideas.

Thriving and Not Just Surviving in Your Final Years of High School

Inspiring stories, clear principles, and actionable steps for identifying and moving forward in study, friendships and each key area of life. If you want to help your child or students make the very best of their final years of high school then it’s time to help them finish strong!

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Hear From These Motivated & Inspired Individuals

“Jonathan has the unique gift of connecting with and inspiring those who are called to serve our beautiful Catholic church. He makes the complex, simple, and is able to engage a crowd of 1000s, or lead one individual to their highest potential. I have been stunned by his impact. His message of hope is greatly needed in our Catholic schools, Church, business communities and world.”

Gail Dorn – president
Catholic Schools Centre of Excellence

“Just want you to know we had an outstanding day with Jonathan. He was so inspiring. I heard nothing but positive comments. Just what we needed. I continue to pray for Jonathan and you as you inspire so many educators around the world. My deepest appreciation for making all this happen.”

Linda Kaiser – Fmr. Superintendent of Schools
Diocese of St. Cloud Minnesotta

“I have known Jonathan for several years and have had the opportunity to collaborate with him professionally in two dioceses on various occasions. He has made invaluable contributions to the professional development and theological formation of many staff in the schools across our diocese. Jonathan brings a deep commitment to and dedicated knowledge of the mission of Catholic education, and the impact of his message and vision for the new evangelisation in our schools is infectious bringing about new levels of conviction to those who hear him.”

Edmund Adamus – Fmr. Head of Evangelisation
Diocese of Portsmouth UK

“I have been stunned by his impact.”

Gail Dorn – President
CSCOE – Minneapolis USA

Are You Ready to Uncover the Potential Hiding Beneath the Surface and Feel Empowered Like Never Before?

If you’re looking for an inspiring, engaging, and highly-motivational expert to help you break free from the challenges holding your school or organisation back, I can’t wait to hear from you. Book a call with me today, and let’s explore how I can help you liberate the potential of your students, teachers, leaders and teams, and inspire lasting change and growth.