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Avoiding The Cult Of Narcissism

It began long before the Iphone but the cult of 'I', 'Me' and 'Self' seems to have picked up pace in recent years. So much of modern culture is focused upon the desire for self-fulfilment. In today's episode I want to talk about the truth that the essence of being...

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Launching Season 3 – The Power of Now

After a break due to injuries, fires and floods it's great to be back in the studio. In this first episode of Season 3 I want to share with you the impact of some of my summer reading and how it can help all of us overcome the challenges of too much focus upon the...

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The Daily Decision To Beat Fear, Shame and Guilt

One of the positives of my recent accident is that it has allowed me to spend a load of time with some really great people. Last week, on two occasions, I was able to talk to some very wise, older friends who have known me for a very long time. At key moments in those...

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Building Good Friendships and Why It Matters

In an increasingly fragmented world of technological distraction we can easily lose track of some of the essential things that make a human life complete. As we live more and more of our life online it is easy to forget the crucial importance of investing in deep and...

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Persistence and Motivation In The English Premier League

In today’s episode I share with you a great story about a 15 year old boy chased his dream despite extraordinary setbacks. You don’t have to have the same particular ambition but his story reminds us all that when we are clear about what matters and prepared to do the...

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One Day Away From A Breakthrough In Your Life

Yesterday I had an incredible breakthrough in my life. Something that had been a challenge for me for a very long time suddenly shifted. I was able to experience the world in a whole new way. Do you need a breakthrough? Is there some area of your life where you feel...

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Finding Motivation At Work In The Lead Up To Christmas

In today’s episode I respond to a listener question about to to find motivation at work in the lead up to Christmas. How can we manage increased pressures at the same time of the year as our energy being low? How can we take control of our own performance regardless...

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Increasing Mental Toughness Through Self-talk

In today’s episode I want to talk about the need we all have at different times in our life for increasing mental toughness. Rather than simply listening to our internal chatter and assuming that it is an accurate indication of objective truth, we need to get better...

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Having Patience With Creating Change

In today’s episode I want to talk with you about having patience with creating change. Remember when you were a kid and you learned to ride a bike? No one got angry at you if it took a few attempts. There were also plenty of wobbles and a few moments of instability...

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About Jonathan Doyle

Life offers us so many possibilities. I’ve always been interested in why some people live amazing lives of contribution and success and why so many struggle with lost ambitions, unfulfilling relationships and the status quo.


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