If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. Take a moment to learn about the power of what the experts call your ‘reference group. Not sure how to download? Click here. Watch the preview of my new video here. TRANSCRIPT Well, Hi everybody! Jonathan Doyle here! I was just heading to the qym a couple of hours ago and I was riding all the way there. And I had a really good idea. You know how you often get your best ideas in particular places, like traditionally, people say you get your best ideas in the shower. I get mine on a bike, which occurred to me the other day that maybe if I had a bike in a shower I would get exceptionally good ideas. I’m going to try that out later in the week. Don’t try to steal that idea, it’s mine! But as I was riding, and this is really an interesting idea of some things that had happened in the last couple of days. I want to share that with everybody. It’s kind of my revelation for the start of the year, whether you’re a client of ours or somebody who’s […]

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