Not sure how to download a podcast? Watch this HERE  TRANSCRIPT Well hi there, Jonathan Doyle with you at the weekly podcast. This week, something a little different. We’re going with a live recording that I just did only a week ago with a hundred really impressive young women, many who are in their final year of schooling, with a lot of big choices ahead of them. But whatever age you are, whether you’re a male or female you’re going to get a lot out of this live recording. In this opening session, I talk about some of the big picture themes, about the fact that we’re allowed to be happy and the fact that we really need to look at how we can contribute to the world with our unique skills and abilities. I want to help you understand your internal reasons for wanting to change. That was a big thing in this opening session. So, in the coming weeks, I’m going to release more of the content where I really drilled down to the 8 Key Steps from my book, “Bridging the Gap”. So, sit back, relax, imagine yourself here in the audience as you hear […]

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