TRANSCRIPT Hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you and this is Part II of the recent live recording of my “Bridging the Gap” seminar. If you have not heard the first one make sure you go back and check it out. But this week, we’re going to start digging a little deeper and begin to look at the “Key Strategies”, the first 3 anyway. And this recording, we’re going to be looking at the decision to bridge the gap in your own life. We’re going to look at reference groups and the importance of understanding obstacles. Sit back, relax and enjoy part II of this live seminar recording. So friends, let’s push it to the content now. Work with me as I take you through the “8 Key Strategies Plus 2”. So, I wrote a book called, “Bridging the Gap”. This is the old version and the new one’s being printed next week. It’s got pictures, too. I wrote it really short so that… because I was always flying and I would see all these guys reading on the planes now always reading on the belly and like really dodgy stuff. Wouldn’t be cool if I had a really simple […]

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