Often in life we can be so busy that it’s hard to stop and be aware of what is really happening around us. While technology bring us so many benefits, it also can fragment our lives and make it very hard to be really attuned to what is most important. Just like the natural world around us, our lives have distinct seasons and one of the keys to living a full and happy life is to be deeply aware of exactly what season we are in. In this podcast I wanted to explore that idea in more detail. My sense is that if we stop and consider the big things taking place in our lives at any given moment we can become more aware of what life is really asking of us. I call this Living The Season You’re In. Living the season you’re in is about accepting the reality of the life you have and becoming more aware of exactly what it is asking of you. TRANSCRIPTION Hi. I’m Jonathan Doyle, Managing Director of Choicez Media. It gives me great pleasure to bring you this weekly podcast – SEASONS. If you’d like to contact us at any time at […]

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