TRANSCRIPT Well, hey there! Welcome to Part 2 of this live Parent Seminar. I really hope you’ll like this second part. We’re going to dig more deeply into what’s actually happening for us as parents. So much of the time we think if we can just fix the kids and get everything right then, we’re going to be fine. But, what I found recently, is that there’s so much happening in our own lives and if we can become more reflective about where we’re at and how we’re traveling, we can really see some breakthrough and good results. So, enjoy this second part and I’ll come back and speak to you again at the very end. (START OF SEMINAR – PART 2) Okay, quick summary… I lie awake at night thinking, wondering how you receive this. I’m hoping you’re not hearing in to the world, I hope you’re not hearing men are the only part of the solution. I’m just offering you an opinion that mothers intuitively just kind of invest and engage and often. And many dads do, too. But, if men will really step up, we get a big harvest at the moment. If you want to keep […]

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