The Weekly Podcast – Download Above Personal development is all about discovering your unique, inbuilt gifts and abilities and making the very best of them. Download the podcast above and start your journey of enhanced personal development today. Books I Mention Money – A Love Story HERE The start-up of you HERE Invalid Displayed Gallery MOTIVATIONAL SONG OF THE MOMENT TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you once again for the weekly podcast. Really looking forward to this one. Just had 2 weeks on the beach and I’m very blessed to live the life that I do. And I have favoured flexibility so, we were meant to be there for a week. And Karen just turned to me towards the end of that first week and said, “You want to do another one?” And it was a tough decision. Didn’t take too long. We stay in a fantastic place and took the bike up there and I might try and sneak a couple of photos in around this podcast. But the riding… it was just fantastic and time with the kids. And a lot of the principles that I do in the weekly podcast… the biggest thing for […]

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