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In this great interview I spend some time talking with Author Ron Walker from Atlanta, Georgia.

Author Ron Walker

Author Ron Walker

Ron is a prolific author who has made a major difference in so many lives after facing significant adversity, challenges and difficulties in his own. At the time of the Global Financial Crisis Ron felt like he had lost almost everything and was facing a season of genuine despair and loss. When so many people would simply give up and walk away from their dreams Ron learned to use the power of different perspectives and refocusing to find a way out. It was these lessons learned in the fire of pain and suffering that allow him to share his powerful insights with so many.

In this interview we explore some of the core elements that we all need to understand if we want to start building lives of purpose, meaning and significance. Ron helps us to understand the power of having clarity and a clear sense of what it is that really matters to us in life. Without a strong guiding vision of what we are aiming to achieve then it is easy to become distracted and overwhelmed by the many choices and options we face at each moment of the day.

Ron, helps us to understand that one of the most distinctions to realise is that between talent and hard work. It is so easy to simply believe in the myth of talented people who would have been successful no matter what they did in life. It’s simply not true. Talent may open the door for a moment or a season of life but eventually it is the firm commitment to show up each day and do the work that eventually creates the difference between a life of mediocrity and a life of contribution, purpose and meaning.

In the interview we also explore other themes such as the importance of surrounding ourselves with positive people from whom we can learn. This is based on a wonderful story Ron tells about ‘foreign objects’ and what they can mean for our lives. As well as ensuring we are surrounded by good people we also need to make sure that we are expanding our capacity through good books, audio, and video. There are so many options these days that we have no excuse for taking advantage of the amazing content all around us.

There is so much rich content in this interview. I hope it will be a source of inspiration and practical guidance. Make sure you check out all the links to Ron’s books, website and audio files.

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