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Learning To Forget Trauma In Your Life

Earlier this week I talked about the massive influence of Sigmund Freud with regard to the idea that trauma determines our present and future. But what if he was wrong? In today’s episode I want to present another controversial idea. What if we could simply choose to...

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Managing Distractions and Better Time Management

One of the biggest challenges in the digital age is managing distractions. We all face so many constant interruptions in the pursuit of effective results in key areas of our lives. In today’s episode I want to discuss a range of ideas with for managing distractions...

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The Link Between Vulnerability And Personal Development

This is the final instalment of key learning from my recent hospital visit. This time I want to talk with you about vulnerability and personal development. I want to suggest that when we face suffering or hardship there is also an opportunity to let those close to us...

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Reframing Trauma For A New Future

I recently read the important book called The Courage To Be Disliked. Its main idea is extremely controversial because it basically rejects the idea that trauma and suffering in our life have a powerful impact on our present and future. In today’s podcast I want to...

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Attitude and Mindset Must Be Chosen Every Day

To be honest the vast majority of people allow their attitude and mindset to be controlled by the environment and circumstances around them. It's incredibly easy to come to believe that how we feel and what we think are driven by external forces rather than something...

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What I Learned About Gratitude In Hospital

As many of you know I was involved in a bad accident last week. Before and after the surgery I had some pretty intense moments where I began to reflect upon how incredibly easy it can be to believe you will be happy when you reach some distant point in the future....

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How To Improve Time and Energy Management In Your Life

Today's episode is a great response to a listener question. What do we do when we know that managing our time and energy is important but we just feel very depleted of both? When life is full of busyness and stress how can we find a way to access the  energy we need...

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The Two Forces You Need To Understand To Change Your Life

Last week I watched a brilliant documentary about the planets of the solar system and the amazing men and women who have created the technology that makes it possible to study them. The ability to leave the gravity of Earth did not happen by accident. These people...

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The Important Power You Should Never Surrender

You only have to spend a few moments in heavy traffic or a couple of minutes on Twitter to discover that otherwise normal people can lose their minds at the slightest thing. We seem to be living in a new cultural moment where small things can cause major problems and...

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The One Big Question To Reduce Stress In Your Life

The pace of modern life means that so many of us can end up feeling stressed, worn out, short-tempered or worse. Does it have to be this way? In today's episode I want to share with you a very simple question that can really change how you filter the many demands that...

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About Jonathan Doyle

Life offers us so many possibilities. I’ve always been interested in why some people live amazing lives of contribution and success and why so many struggle with lost ambitions, unfulfilling relationships and the status quo.


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