Are you trying to change organisational culture?

Do you need to lead a team in a new direction?

Do you need personal coaching in specific leadership skills?

Do you want those you lead to develop a greater sense of personal leadership and accountability?

Does your team need renewed motivation and encouragement?

Whatever leadership challenge you face
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For the last two decades we’ve delivered live seminars, training and consultancy services around the world to over 300,000 people. No matter what your challenge we can get you, your people and your organisation moving in the right direction.

Leadership and motivation starts here

All effective and ethical leadership begins with self-leadership – the ability to get the individual to realise and then actualise their own potential.

Over 2500 years ago the Greeks articulated the idea that the human person was perfectible. This single idea is enormously powerful. This idea suggests that every person and every leader can approach excellence by following a process that has been proved effective in the lives of every truly successful person.

The core principle of our business is that leadership and motivation starts with the self. Until an individual commences the process of approaching their personal performance threshold then they will perform and lead from a place of limitation. By undertaking a process of personal transformation the leader, manager or team member can then work or lead from a place of excellence and with a genuine care for others that creates a powerful sense of buy-in from the wider team.

The Process

The Leadership Seminar Program is based on Jonathan’s Bridging The Gap methodology. It explores a range of tested strategies for peak performance based on the principle that personal excellence comes before leadership success.

The program covers powerful and practical insights to commence a process of personal transformation leading to organisational change and growth.

Seminar programs are tailored for the needs of individual clients and can be delivered over a range of timeframes.

Consultancy Services

With postgraduate qualifications in Leadership and Management Jonathan is uniquely positioned to help you reframe and overcome your organisational, personal leadership or group motivation challenge. Consultancy services are based on tailoring a personal response to your unique needs and draw upon best practice and research in motivation and leadership.

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