In this podcast Jonathan explores the power of thoughts and habits in shaping your life.   Not sure how to download? Click here. Watch the preview of my new video here.   TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! I am Jonathan Doyle! Welcome back for another week to the weekly podcast. Just great to be getting some feedback from so many people and just seeing the podcast grow each week. It’s a really cool thing to do and I hope that as you listen to it each week, you are just getting one or two key ideas that are really useful to you. So, do me a favor. If you like it and you obviously have been listening to it, please pass it on to some others. Just flip in the link. I want to see this thing grow. I love sharing these ideas with people. What I want to share with you this week is just something that came to me while reading the latest book from a guy called, Steven Pressfield.   Now, Pressfield is a really interesting character. He is one of those people that has just lived a lot of life. When you read his books and especially this […]

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