Three Step Process To Change Your Mental State. It is so easy to fall into the trap of allowing your circumstances or the behaviour of other people to let you slide into what I call ‘unproductive mental states.” This week I was given a great big gift when I suddenly caught myself spiralling into negativity but was able to pull myself out. After all this time and all these podcasts you’d think I would have no problem at all in staying positive and upbeat all the time. Wrong. I am so capable of allowing myself to slide into blame and negativity unless I really practice what I preach. So when a small domestic issue cropped up and I found myself a long way down the road of blame and negativity I suddenly realised that I needed to look myself in the eye and say, “Jonathan, only you can change your mental state.” So how do you actually change your mental state? Make sure you download the podcast at the top and you can hear me explain in detail these three steps: 1. Realise you are actually in control 2. Stop externalising your problems and surrendering your power. 3. Take a […]

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