Instagram Facebook Twitter Richer by Far Blog TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Once again, Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. Thanks as always for the pleasure of your time. We’re all so busy these days. So, I know that you putting aside this time to listen to my thoughts and what I’d love to offer you is a real privilege. And my real desire and my prayer is that is you listen to this material it’ll have some resonance for your life that… how many times have I said in the weekly podcasts that you don’t need a massive bunch of ideas to change your life, you just need one good idea that you’re actually prepared to use. So sometimes, you just hear one thing and it just resonates. I just think that’s how things work: we just pick up when we’re ready, when we’re open, we just pick up great inputs. I hope in this time together you’re going to pick up some really useful stuff. A little bit housekeeping, if you haven’t heard the recent live seminar I did, I’ll put a link underneath. It’s a 3-part live seminar, it’s a live recording. I had about 200 […]

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