Developing mastery is a crucial skill that seems to be less than popular in modern life. In a fragmented and social media soundbite world we can easily forget how developing mastery is the path that is always taken by the people who really want to make a difference. This week I share some great quotes from Will Smith, Tony Robbins and Jarryd Hayne and I also respond to a great email question from a regular listener. So, if the idea of developing mastery has some appeal for you then listen to the podcast below on the page, download it for your phone or listen in ITUNES. Not sure how to download a podcast? Click HERE TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. Welcome aboard! Got a lot of gold this week. I don’t know where you’re going to be listening to this but I really hope you can get a couple of notes, maybe listen to it a couple of times. As I’ve often said, when I’m really in to a podcast and try to learn, I’ll often get on the bike and I listen to the same thing 3 or 4 times […]

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