Here is some unhappy news. You will rarely feel like doing the things you most need to do. For many years I have rather dazzled by the number of people who are really shocked when confronted with just how hard it can be to make anything worthwhile happen in life. So many people seem to think that once they have identified their goals then suddenly magical fairies and unicorns will appear to grant their desires. If you have been paying attention you will already be aware that the universe is not functioning this way. Sadly, we will rarely feel like doing the hard things that we need to do. Why? In today’s video I give some of the main reasons. From the perspective of evolutionary biology we have evolved to try and do the absolute bare minimum to stay alive. For most of human history there was a very good chance that taking pretty much any risk would usually lead to you being eaten by a bear. We learned early that it makes way more sense to preserve all our energy to maximise our chances in the game of survival. Self-preservation means we learned to do as little as possible. […]

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