In this week’s podcast motivational expert Jonathan Doyle talks about how you can waste a lot of time in life with the idea that everything has to be perfect before you try something new or important. Sometimes you need to leap before you look! Not sure how to download? Click here. Watch the preview of my new video here. TRANSCRIPT Well hi there once again – Jonathan Doyle with the weekly podcast. Firstly, apologies to you if you are a real fan of the weekly podcast – you’ll notice that I’ve been missing for a week or so; it’s been school holidays here and as you’ll know from previous podcasts I’ve got a tribe of young children and things have been a little busy around here and I wanted to get back on top of things today – and I’m back in the office and I’m going to do a bunch of recording and I’ve got some really good stuff for you and as always thank you for the pleasure and the privilege of your time. Wherever you are or wherever you are sitting listening to this, I can promise you that as I stand here in front of […]

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