NOT SURE HOW TO DOWNLOAD A PODCAST? WATCH THIS HERE Why is Getting Focus So Hard? The skill of getting focus can be increasingly hard these days. We have so many things that make it incredibly easy to see our attention and focus just vanish like the morning mist. Many people go to bed with phones in their rooms and spend their days scanning news sites before zoning out on the couch with an IPAD, TV and iPhone all at the same time. What is it doing to us? One of the key tasks you need to accomplish in developing your capacity is the ability to build environments and timeframes of deep and undistracted focus. Getting focus requires that we consciously and deliberately block out everything that stops us from producing our best work. Are you an artist? It’s probably the last thing that you think about yourself but you do have the capacity to produce incredible work. No one has your truly unique range of capacities and abilities but the level of fragmentation and distraction in modern life means there is a very good chance that you may never get to use them to their full effect. You can […]

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