Ok, so there I was, sitting in an airport when it happened. I’m human so the first thoughts through my mind were not exactly all sunshine and rainbows. However, within a few minutes I realised that if I was going to help others deal with questions like, ‘How Can I Change My Thinking?” then I understood that I had better get pretty good at it myself. In this podcast I talk about how we can reframe whatever happens to us. It’s not just the small stuff, like what happened to me in the airport, but the big stuff as well. So, if you have ever found yourself thinking, “How can I change my thinking?” then I am pretty sure that this podcast will really help. NEW FACEBOOK PAGE IS HERE TRANSCRIPT Well hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you once again for the weekly podcast. And I’ve got some really good stuff for you as always. Something that I hoped will be really useful in your life. We’re all in different stages. We’re all doing different things. But I’m really convinced that the basic principles of what we try to teach in Personal Development really holds true across all the […]

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