Video Transcript You know another thought on this carving out metaphor is that the tools you’ll need to do this, the tools of creating simplicity and focus, are tools that are actually going to serve you through the whole of the rest of the program and through the rest of your life anyway. Simplicity and focus are really important techniques for those of us that really want to create an amazing life. So in making the decision to carve out the time and space just for you, to give yourself simplicity and focus, you’re giving yourself and incredible gift that is going to be very useful in the long term anyway. So, as you work through each video module you are going to have to create the time and space necessary to do the kind of reflective, deep transformative thinking that is so crucial to creating the changes we want. The first thing we need to do is think about the environment that you’re giving to it. Now for many years, I’ve always felt that environment is always really important. You know, I used to love to train with weights but I didn’t really like training at home, I loved […]

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