These days things seem to be moving faster and faster. Have you sat down recently at a cafe with a friend and notice that they have their head wedged into a smartphone? Are we losing the ability to listen to each other? I am convinced that successful people understand that one of the keys to creating a life of purpose and meaning is to improve your listening skills. What All Successful People Do You know, I am convinced that there are a range of things that successful people do. As Tony Robbins use to say, “Success leaves clues baby.” In this podcast I explore one of the most powerful. Have you ever heard someone comment about how when they met a really famous person that person had the ability to make them feel like they were the only person in the room? It”s this ability to focus and listen that can often help you start to move ahead in your career or vocation. So why wait any longer? In this week’s podcast I am going to be talking about the power of listening and how to improve your listening skills. It’s not rocket science. There are a few basic things […]

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