Improving focus is another key ingredient in developing better outcomes in life? It’s a pretty normal human experience to find that we can often be focused on the wrong things or even focused on the wrong timeframes for creating results. What I want do to in this podcast is talk about making focus work for you. Too often we have our focus set on the distant outcomes that are out there ‘someday’. What I learned in the last few weeks is that we need to make focus work for us in the moment. If we know how to leverage focus then the results can be quite amazing. When recently reading Bill Thierfelder’s new book I was struck by the power of focus and what we can do in the moment to really make it something working in our favour. In all this we need to be aware of a kind of tension between focusing on what is happening right now but also being mindful of how the current reality is shaping the things we are building further down the line. It’s as simple as realising that what you focus upon today is shaping the longer-term outcomes. Stress and hopelessness begin to […]

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