Deb Hann’s Website HERE The Quote         TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! It’s Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. Great to have some time with you. It’s been a busy time as always. Lots happened in the last few days. I’ve just been booked in Orlando, Florida. This is going to be really exciting until the part where I noticed it’s a 25-hour flight. I also just got booked in Los Angeles, as well. So, looking forward to sharing a lot of that with you. If you follow me on social media, you’d be able to track those trips. Come across to Instagram: You can find me there on Instagram and in Twitter on jonathandoyleco… one word. So, I’m really stoked with that. It’s a really cool phase of life just a chance to meet people. I also love to travel. It’s often exhausting but when you get there, you meet people, you have new experiences and I just really want to encourage you to live life fully, like don’t sit on the couch. So many people just wasting their lives and not enjoying all that’s possible. You got to […]

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