In this incredible interview, I spend some time talking with Jessica Baum about the importance of self-connection.

Jessica is a mental health expert residing in Palm Beach, Florida who focuses on the importance of connecting with and caring for ourselves as well as the importance of feeling loved and safe. She explains how she moved out of her own depression and is now helping others with their mental health.

In this interview, Jessica explains how we emotionally shut down if we’re not connecting with our ourselves. This often leads to disconnection in our personal relationships. To combat this, Jessica stresses the importance of self-connection, self-care and monitoring our internal dialogue. Jessica’s work focuses on helping people navigate their own experience and come to a better love and care for themselves. Far from leading us into narcissism, truly knowing and loving ourselves can lead us into a healthier care of ourselves and of the rest of the world

In addition to this, Jessica is also a certified addiction professional. In this interview, she explains that addictions are often trauma built and driven and are attempts to medicate pain. With greater self-connection, we can better understand and heal the traumas. This treatment can help us not to reach for the self-mediators so often. However, this requires that we, often painfully, step into our experiences and reconnect with our own mental and emotional needs.

This interview has plenty of gold in it, especially for anyone who needs some insight into their own mental and emotional health. Jessica is truly passionate about helping other people gain insight into their own lives and mental states. Jessica’s advice and approach is a fantastic support for anyone who needs to move from co-dependency and addiction to self-fulness and self-connection.


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0:00 – Intro and how Jessica got into her work on mental health

7:15 – Helping people with addictions

10:34 – What do people want?

11:29 – Why personal connection is the core of what Jessica does

17:53 – How people can experience healthy self-connection

19:45 – What Jessica finds the most rewarding in her work

22:03 – Why empathy matters

24:05 – Trauma and the nature of addiction

26:44 – Heartbreaking areas of Jessica’s work and her approaches self-care

30:58 – Details on Jessica’s upcoming book

32:40 – What is Jessica’s core message?

37:49 – The one things that holds people back from progress

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