Learning from adversity is never easy but it is an essential skill of anyone that wants to grow. So often in life we resist learning from adversity by hiding in destructive behaviours such as overeating, alcohol or distracting ourselves in other ways. The fact is, that if you want to grow you need to look into your life and see the gifts that adversity has already brought and then become more aware of how adversity in your life right now might actually be an invitation to greatness. This week I am sharing some insights from Jason Redman’s great new book, The Trident. It’s an amazing story about his journey as a US Navy Seal and what learning from adversity is all about. I read the book on the way back from a speaking tour in the UK last week and it had a big impact upon me. Right now, in your life, there will be areas of adversity that are really challenging you. Just as there have been in your past. The only real question is how you address them and how seriously you allow the concept of learning from adversity impact your life. So make sure you download the podcast above […]

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