How To Use A Journal – CLICK HERE TRANSCRIPT Well hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you. Welcome to the weekly podcast. It’s been a couple of weeks. I’m not one to win your complaint but it seems every year at about the same time I’d get this bizarre chest infection. I don’t know where the whole family gets it almost the same time every year. I’m thinking I’m going to move state or country about the same time next year so we can trick it. So, I didn’t want to basically cough into a microphone for the next few minutes so I thought I’d hold off. So, if you’re listening to this, hopefully you’ve seen the video. I did a short video there which has some of the key stuff that I want to share with you on this podcast. I’d like to give you the video first. Give you a few key ideas and then debrief and go through much more detail here in the podcast. So this week like a lot of the weekly podcasts, it’s the real deal because these are events that I’ve been through personally. This is stuff that I’ve actually experienced, that I have seen, heard, been through, […]

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