You just never know in life how long you’ve got. Every day is a crucial gift and one day will be the last for all of us. Are you realising the power and preciousness of each day? Not sure how to download? Click here. Watch the preview of my new video here. TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Once again, Jonathan Doyle, back with the weekly podcast. Good as always to be speaking to you personally wherever you’re listening right now. Thank you for the privilege of your attention, for this very short time together. I’m going to give you something great this week. Something quite life-changing and what I want to call it is, “Live Every Day”. Now, I can go on about this like a lot of the weekly podcast for a long time. But I’ve had some experiences in the last 6 months where I’ve come to realise just how incredibly precious each day is. And how I think many of us fall into a pattern where simply not realising that really simple truth that every day you are given is really quite a profound thing. Why? Because friends, no matter who you are listening to this […]

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