TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Once again, Jonathan Doyle with you and welcome to Part III of this great live recording that I recently gave to a hundred young ladies on the “Key Principles” of my recent book, “Bridging the Gap”. If you haven’t listened to the first 2 sessions, I really hope you’ll get a chance to because they really introduce some great content. But in this session, we begin to wrap up the final stages of the “8 Steps”. And then, I will throw in a couple of extras in the end that I think are going to be really really useful also so sit back now, relax and enjoy this final live session from “Bridging the Gap”. Next one, we’re onto Number 4, we are going to push through, push through a bit faster because we are going to finish pretty soon. Threshold experiences. We talked a little bit before about your comfort zone, the magical place that is comfortable, many of you are in it at the moment – relationships, study, sport, eucharism but the magic happens of course, outside your comfort zone. Just so you know—– outside of the comfort zone is really scary. If […]

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