In this awesome interview, I spend some time delving into Matty Rodgers’ passion for human development through health and fitness.

Matty is a health and fitness trainer in Canberra, Australia who specialises in human development and movement. Starting with his own story about how he turned his poor health and fitness around at a young age, Matty explains his approach to his own health and fitness as well as the need to mix health consciousness and discipline with simplicity and practicality. In addition to this, Matty offers a range of practical tips that can be applied to everyday life that will increase our health and fitness.

In this interview, Matty helps us to understand some key components for general health and wellbeing, starting with the importance of nutrition and sleep. Matty also draws on his knowledge of human movement to emphasise the importance of mobility and strength. For Matty, it’s important to be conscious of your body and the way it moves so that we can best utilise our bodies for what we want them to do.

However, most important to Matty is the right mentality, starting with making foundations in small, simple and daily changes. It’s important to understand that our health, like everything else in life, is part of a process that requires development over many years. Achieving better health and fitness requires a consciousness of your own body and mindset that your own development is in your own hands.

This interview is of particular value for anyone who is currently struggling to meet their own health and fitness goals. No matter where you are in your health or fitness, Matty’s mixture of human movement expertise and simple, practical approach will give you the tools you need to understand your body better and to develop into a healthier human being.


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0:00 – Intro

2:08 – How did Matty get into health and fitness?

9:38 – Keeping up the momentum and moving into the health industry

13:05 – Patience and mastering the craft

19:28 – Some key components for general health

27:34 – How can we apply this to everyday life?

31:09 – Consciousness of the body

40:00 – What does Matty enjoy the most about human development?

50:35 – Advice for those in a rut

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