OVERCOMING OBSTACLES Overcoming obstacles is a crucial aspect of building a life of success and contribution. So many times people see the obstacles in their life as a source of despair. Instead, it’s time to realise that every obstacle presents you with a question and an invitation to grow. Overcoming obstacles is all about the power to reframe. What we perceive as a problem is actually an opportunity to grow and change. Every obstacle we face carries with it an embedded question.The trick is to get the clarity to ask what each challenge is offering us. Most of the time we are being invited to stretch and grow. As such overcoming obstacles eventually teaches us the secret lesson that obstacles, rather than being a source of pain and frustration are actually our friend and teacher. If you find that you feel a growing sense of frustration and despair every time life presents you with another difficulty then this podcast will help you create the shift you have been looking for. GET NOTIFICATION ON THE LAUNCH OF MY NEW BOOK HERE TRANSCRIPT Hey, there! Jonathan Doyle with you and welcome to the weekly podcast. Going to do a shorter […]

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