In this week’s podcast, I am talking about the power of desire. Are you the kind of person that deep down feels guilty about wanting things to be different? This week I am going to talk about just how important desire is as you seek to build the life you really long for. Not sure how to download? Click here. Watch the preview of my new video here. TRANSCRIPT Well hi there once again, Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. We’ve been cranking out some good stuff in recent weeks – if you haven’t had a chance to listen to them all I hope you can jump back and download them onto your iPod or get them on your phone. And then next time you’re in the car, or you’re on a bike or wherever it is that you’ve got a moment, maybe listen back through some of them. And hopefully underneath the podcast now there’s transcripts too – so some people just love to print out and read. So if you’re not a ‘podcast listener’ even, then now you’ve got transcripts to work with. So I want to charge in, as always. And this week we’re […]

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