Pushing Your Limits Ever wondered why some people seem to operate at a higher level? What is the X-Factor that seems to take some people moving in the direction of breakthrough while others stagnate? In this podcast I explore the power of living, training and working at your threshold capacity. The power of the threshold is found when you think you can’t go on but manage to find a deeper perseverance than you thought possible. The ability to start pushing your limits requires a few key things. First, is the desire and the commitment to start seeking out the situations and the people who already seek out their own thresholds. It’s always much easier to push yourself and test yourself when you’re surrounded by other people who are trying to do the same thing. There just seems to be a basic human phenomenon that when we get around people who are really stretching in their lives then pushing your limits becomes so much easier. The Threshold The threshold is that place where you are hurting but you find a way to keep going. It’s a place where you are tested at the edge of your capacity. it can be physical […]

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