Often in life we fall into the trap of thinking that it’s only the big decisions that make our destiny. In some sense that can be true. But never overlook the power of small decisions and their power to steer the ship of your life! Not sure how to download? Click here. Watch the preview of my new video here. TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! I’m Jonathan Doyle. Welcome to the weekly podcast. Most quick one this week. Nice, simple one – “Small Choices Matter.” What I want to put in front of you this week, is that we can often think that it’s big decisions, big choices. Now I know that there are a whole different range of people listening to me. I can have corporate type, I can have students, I can have all sorts of different people but sometimes we seem to think that it’s the big decision, the big choice that is going to shut the rest of our lives and to a degree that is true. Yes, there are big decisions we make that are very significant. What I want to sell today is that even some of those big decisions they are the […]

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