How To Download this Podcast? Click HERE TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you and so cool to have the pleasure of your time to work through these 2 podcasts that I really hope will really be going to be very special for you. I hope that you see something here that I can paint a picture that’s really useful to you, that you hear something that really resonates with you. I want to help you just to get your hands to touch some processes and some strategies that are going to be really useful for you going forward. So, in these 2 podcasts, I’m going to get 2 big ticket issues. The first thing that we are going to do in this first podcast is look at the impact of social media and the positives and the drawbacks of what that means for an elite athlete. We’ve all heard stories and we’ve seen the headlines of elite athletes blowing their lives up with a smartphone. And it’s not something, I’m sure you want to emulate. So, let’s look at that. Let’s hear some information about that. In the second podcast, I really want to talk about peak performance stress. I […]

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