Join me on Instagram HERE TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. Thank you for the pleasure of your time. Just going to jump straight in. I always like to keep the podcast nice and short to respect the busyness of your life and the fact that you’re taking time out to do this is really awesome. Thanks to the people who’ve been giving such great positive feedback: emails and just people commenting, have been great. It’s just the coolest thing to know that a tiny bit of what I do definitely reaches people and is helpful. So, in this podcast, really want to do the same. I’m just looking to give you a couple of great ideas. It’ll really be helpful for you. First thing that I want to share before I get into the topic for this week, is simply a really great quote that I read in an interview just yesterday. The “inimitable”. Great word, word of the day, “inimitable”, which means incapable of being imitated: inimitable. The inimitable Tony Robbins is here in this country at the moment doing some sessions and this is a guy that’s a giant. He’s […]

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