What is the key to peak performance? Often we make things so complex but if you are keen to pursue your goals and build sustainable personal development into your life then don’t miss this podcast. This week I was struck by a simple comment about one of the most successful athletes in history, Richie McCaw. Here is a guy who has captained the world’s most successful rugby team more than 100 times for only 12 losses. How does someone like Richie McCaw manage to not only survive that long under such intense pressure but actually thrive in the role and become an even better individual athlete. The simple approach that he takes is something that you can put into practice in your life today in simple ways and over time you will begin to see some real change. So sit back, relax and take some notes as I explore the key to peak performance that anyone can master. Donate to my 500km charity ride HERE TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you once again for the weekly podcast. As always, thanks for the pleasure of your time. Last week’s was a really good one. I hope you got […]

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