THE PODCAST IS BELOW TRANSCRIPT Well hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you once again for the weekly podcast. I’m sitting here right now on the 8th floor of Park Royal Hotel at Melbourne Airport staring out, watching planes land. Truly quite therapeutic when you just sit here and watch planes just gently land. Beautiful to sit here, big window and really cool to get to do the podcast from somewhere a little bit different. Usually in the studio but we’re more laid back, had a little less caffeine, it’s later in the day so it’s going to be a bit more reflective this time but hopefully, wherever you’re listening to it, you’ll going to grab a couple of great points out of it. And if you’re listening to it, you may have seen the video already where this week what I want to talk about is this concept of Incremental Growth. So, I guess why I want to do in this podcast was, you know, I’m really committed to goals and I’m really committed to helping people develop goals and work out strategies and plans that are effective so that you can actually reach them. But what we so […]

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