In this final part of Jonathan’s three-part series we look at the motivation you can find when you realise that no one is coming to the rescue.   Not sure how to download? Click here. Watch the preview of my new video here.   TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there once again! Jonathan Doyle here at the weekly podcast. Thanks for so much great feedback. I’ve got some great emails and posts in the last week on this journey that we are taking together of limiting beliefs. One of the great email comments, one guy said that it’s great that I’m doing this with you. Because I really want to promise you that as you listen to me, I truly am right there, in the same space as you… want to create change In my own life, wanting to just keep moving forward.   Don’t assume I’m an expert, friends. I’m just somebody that has got a huge interest in the ‘what’s possible.’ So, let us keep moving from what we did in Limiting Beliefs – Part 2. You might remember, when I last spoke to you, I gave you some homework and you must always do your homework. And the homework was […]

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