TRANSCRIPT Hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you once again for the weekly podcast back on the weekly schedule, which is a good thing. Nice to be predictable and consistent on the things that matter. And this week, what I want to talk about is the concept of “Positioning”. I’ve had a couple of experiences in recent weeks where very simple things had been said. A couple of people have said things that have had a very big impact. And as I reflected on it, I realized that it’s crucial in life to position yourself in two ways. One is to be positioned around people who can speak wisdom into your life. You want to be within a certain kind of person that can speak real wisdom and insight into your life. I’ll talk about that more in a second. And the other thing about positioning is that you need to be hungry. You need to have what I call a “fundamental disposition”.  A fundamental disposition is like a way of being. A way of being in a world of seeing, in a world of being expectant about sort of useful and valuable things coming your way. So, I guess […]

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