TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! It’s Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. I wish you could actually see this now. I’m recording this on the 14th floor of the Pan Pacific Hotel here in Perth. I’ve just flown in in the east coast and I had the microphone with me and I’ll go to get a photo of this in a sec because it’s really quite precarious. I’m standing here. I’m looking out at the skyline and I’ve got the microphone balancing on 2 bins and a couple other boxes. And I got my notes stuck up here on the window. So, if there are any pauses or breaks here today, then please be forgiving. But listen… it’s great to be doing this. I want to apologise. It’s been about 3 weeks since the last podcast. I’ve been really humbled that people have actually emailed in or contacted me on Instagram and said, “When’s the next podcast coming?”, which is good thing, right? Because if I didn’t get those messages, I would assume nobody was listening. So, seriously, it’s so cool for people listening and I get to meet people more and more who this is really helping […]

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