In this week’s podcast I am exploring the truth that the greatest competition you face is from yourself. So often, we look at people and circumstances outside ourselves and make them responsible for where we are in life. This week I am going to help you gain an insight into how you can leverage self-competition to create new outcomes for your life. What matters in life is not so much how you compare to other people’s outcomes and standards but how you measure up to your own potential. This week let’s find out just what you are capable of against the only competition that really matters. TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you once again for the weekly podcast. Great to have you on board whether you’re a long time listener or this is the first time. I’ve got some more gold for you this week. Remember the mantra we always share: “You don’t need a whole bunch of great ideas to change your life, you just need one good idea that you’re actually prepared to use.” It doesn’t matter if you’ve read every book there is on personal development, growth and goals, what matters is one or two […]

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